University of Technology Sydney

CBK92248 Electives

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
420104  Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises 6cp 
420102  Building Enterprise Agility 6cp 
420107  Cybersecurity Analytics and Insights 6cp 
420108  Cybersecurity Management 6cp 
570100  Data Ethics and Regulation 6cp 
320146  Data Visualisation and Visual Analytics 6cp 
320606  Database 6cp 
420103  Digital Strategy: Aligning Business and Technology 6cp 
320557  Enabling Enterprise Information Systems 6cp 
420100  Leading Organisational Change 6cp 
320513  Machine Learning 6cp 
430031  Python Programming for Data Processing 6cp 
420101  Technology and Innovation Management 6cp 
Total  24cp