University of Technology Sydney

320513 Machine Learning

6cp; online
Requisite(s): (260776 Foundation of Business Analytics AND 260777 Data Processing Using SAS AND 570100 Data Ethics and Regulation AND 12 credit points of completed study in 12.0000000000 Credit Points spk(s): CBK91894 12cp Foundation Option (Business Analytics) AND (430031 Python Programming for Data Processing OR 420047 Data Processing Using Python))
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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Anti-requisite(s): 31005 Machine Learning AND 32513 Advanced Data Analytics Algorithms
Recommended studies: knowledge of database technologies



This subject introduces the essential elements of machine learning - a technique that enables a machine to learn from data and automatically derive or enhance its strategy to perform its tasks. Taking a practical and technical approach, the Machine Learning subject guides learners to the important principles that underlie highly successful machine learning techniques with hands-on experience.

This subject presents learners with core concepts in machine learning as well as a generic framework for machine learning projects. Different learning models, including Decision Trees, Random-Forest, and Neural Networks are discussed and practised with real-world applications dealing with structured (tabular), semi-structured (text) and unstructured data (image).

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