University of Technology Sydney

CBK92128 Technical subject choice

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
42890  4G/5G Mobile Technologies 6cp 
32009  Advanced Routing Principles 6cp 
42904  Cloud Computing and Software as a Service 6cp 
42035  Cloud Security 6cp 
42000  Cryptography 6cp 
42036  Cyber Security for Mobile Platforms 6cp 
43010  Cyber Threat Intelligence and Incident Response 6cp 
43001  Cybersecurity Challenge Studio 6cp 
32309  Digital Forensics 6cp 
32130  Fundamentals of Data Analytics 6cp 
43011  Industrial Control System Security 6cp 
42891  Infrastructure for Cloud Computing 6cp 
32516  Internet Programming 6cp 
42037  IoT Security 6cp 
32011  Multilayer Switched Networks 6cp 
32310  Network Security Appliances 6cp 
42027  Software Defined Networks 6cp 
32520  Systems Administration 6cp 
49016  Technology and Innovation Management 6cp 
57304  The Ethics of Data and AI 6cp 
49227  Wireless Sensor Networks 6cp 
Total  24cp