University of Technology Sydney

CBK91780 Sub-major/Electives

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
CBK90783  Electives 24cp 
SMJ03036  Enterprise Systems Development 24cp 
SMJ10156  Innovation and Entrepreneurship 24cp 
SMJ10164  Interaction Design (Games Development) 24cp 
SMJ08198  Advertising Principles 24cp 
SMJ02064  Business Information Systems Management 24cp 
SMJ02065  Data Analytics 24cp 
SMJ01010  Electronics and Computer Interfacing 24cp 
SMJ09034  International Studies 24cp 
SMJ09040  Introductory Economics 24cp 
SMJ09035  Language other than English 24cp 
SMJ08197  Marketing Principles 24cp 
SMJ10051  Network Security 24cp 
SMJ03037  Networking and Cybersecurity 24cp 
SMJ01012  Physics 24cp 
SMJ01026  Quantitative Management 24cp 
SMJ09036  Specialist Country Studies 24cp 
SMJ01032  Statistical Modelling 24cp 
Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
CBK91738  Electives 12cp 
Total  36cp