University of Technology Sydney

SMJ03037 Networking and Cybersecurity

Students intending to take this sub-major should complete 41039 Programming 1 rather than 48023 Programming Fundamentals.

Completion requirements

31277  Routing and Switching Essentials  6cp
48730  Cybersecurity  6cp
Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
41890  Applying Network Security 6cp 
41891  Cloud Computing Infrastructure 6cp 
41900  Cryptography 6cp 
48436  Digital Forensics 6cp 
41903  Internet Science 6cp 
48033  Internet of Things 6cp 
31275  Mobile Networking 6cp 
31338  Network Servers 6cp 
48450  Real-time Operating Systems 6cp 
41905  Software Defined Networks 6cp 
Total  24cp