University of Technology Sydney

CBK91254 Visual Communication open choice

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
88408  Animation Story Development 6cp 
87933  Critical Practice: Experimentation 12cp 
87569  VC Alternative Photographic Practices 6cp 
87549  VC Designing Interactions 1: Introduction to Creative Code 6cp 
87649  VC Designing Interactions: Visualising Information 6cp 
87669  VC Digital Photomedia 6cp 
88711  VC Drawing 6cp 
88871  VC Global Studio: Visual Communication A 6cp 
88872  VC Global Studio: Visual Communication B 6cp 
88304  VC Illustration 1: Media and Techniques 6cp 
88504  VC Illustration: Editorial Illustration 6cp 
88404  VC Illustration: Professional Application 6cp 
88604  VC Illustration: Visual Narrative 6cp 
88308  VC Moving Image Design: Animation 6cp 
87559  VC Moving Image Design: Motion Graphics 6cp 
87659  VC Moving Image Design: Video 6cp 
87007  VC Pre-press and Print Production 6cp 
87500  VC Special Project A 6cp 
87600  VC Special Project B 6cp 
87539  VC Webmedia 1 6cp 
87639  VC Webmedia 2 6cp 
Total  24cp