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87649 VC Designing Interactions: Visualising Information

6cp; 3hpw (practice-oriented with some presentation of lecture material in studio)
Requisite(s): 87549 VC Designing Interactions 1: Introduction to Creative Code OR 87731 VC Design Studio: Narrative, Form and Time



This subject introduces students to the theories and practices of visually communicating abstract or complex data and dynamic information. Representing data in visual form can make apparent details and relationships that cannot be understood through abstract data, as humans are essentially better at understanding visual information. Students explore the relationships between and mapping of data and form through the creation of static and interactive graphical representations that aim to communicate information or to be poetic, evocative or questioning. This subject aims to give a basic theoretical and hands-on understanding of the process of dynamically visualising information through making and exploring fundamental concepts, methods and forms of visualisation.

This subject is one of the 'Designing Interactions' electives within the Visual Communications Design program. It extends the core theories and skills covered within these electives into the field of information and data visualisation.

Typical availability

Spring session, City campus
May be run in intensive mode in Summer or Winter session.

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