University of Technology Sydney

CBK90509 Electives (Nursing PG)

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
96706  Advanced Biostatistics 6cp 
92295  Advanced Health Services Planning 6cp 
92713  Applied Pathophysiology in Practice 6cp 
96726  Caring for an Older Person 6cp 
96824  Clinical Assessment in Palliative Care 3cp 
92934  Clinical Management in Diabetes 6cp 
96801  Communicating and Collaborating for Optimal Person Centred Care 6cp 
96803  Complex Symptom Management 6cp 
92608  Comprehensive Physical Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning 6cp 
92664  Contemporary Approaches to Digital Health 6cp 
96802  Delivering Best Palliative Care Any Place Every Time 6cp 
92607  Education for Practice Development 6cp 
96828  Ethical Dimensions of Palliative Care 3cp 
92790  Evidence for Informing Practice 6cp 
92848  Facilitation of Clinical Learning 6cp 
92620  Family and Community Health Practice 6cp 
96732  Foundations in Public Health 3cp 
92638  Foundations of the Australian Healthcare System 6cp 
96730  Fundamentals of Biostatistics 3cp 
92298  Fundamentals of Epidemiology 6cp 
96735  Fundamentals of Qualitative Research 3cp 
92033  Health Classification and Terminologies A 6cp 
92034  Health Classification and Terminologies B 6cp 
92721  Health Education and Health Promotion 6cp 
92035  Health Information Management Principles and Practice 6cp 
96026  Health Promotion 6cp 
92297  Health Systems and Change 6cp 
23787  Health Technology Assessment 6cp 
96804  Immersive Palliative Care Futures 6cp 
92022  Improving Quality and Safety in Health Care 6cp 
96733  Indigenous Public Health 3cp 
26703  Introductory Health Economics 6cp 
96202  Language of Healthcare 6cp 
98728  Leadership, Accountability and Role Development in Advanced Practice 6cp 
96829  Legal Dimensions of Palliative Care 3cp 
92932  Management for Clinicians 6cp 
92603  Managing Quality, Risk and Cost in Health Care 6cp 
96023  Non-communicable Disease 6cp 
92616  Nursing-Sensitive Indicators in Acute Care 6cp 
96826  Optimising End-of-Life Communication 3cp 
96827  Optimising End-of-life Communication within Complex and Diverse Situations 3cp 
96817  Optimizing wellbeing for people living with advanced disease 6cp 
92887  Organisational Management in Health Care 6cp 
96727  Palliative Care 6cp 
92609  Pharmacological Therapies in Advanced Practice 6cp 
96825  Pharmacology in Palliative Care 3cp 
92847  Planning and Evaluating Health Services 6cp 
92050  Policy, Power and Politics in Health Care 6cp 
92845  Primary Health Care in Diabetes 6cp 
98727  Quality and Safety in Medicines 6cp 
92617  Recognising and Responding to Acute Deterioration 6cp 
96704  Social Perspectives in Public Health 6cp 
92869  Specialty Clinical Practice 6cp 
92917  Using Health Care Data for Decision Making 6cp 
Total  24cp