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92664 Contemporary Approaches to Digital Health

6cp; 6hpw (seminars and activities, online)
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Anti-requisite(s): 96335 Contemporary Approaches to Digital Health



Digital technology and health interventions offer great opportunity to improve clinical outcomes and address current healthcare challenges. An appreciation of the complex socio-technical challenges associated with the adoption and use of digital health interventions enables health professionals to successful integrate these technologies into practice.

The introduction of digital technology into existing practice also carries with it some risks. Those working in the health care sector, particularly those in management and leadership roles require a robust understanding of the potential benefits and opportunities that digital health interventions can provide and a keen awareness of the new risks that might be associated with their introduction into practice.

In this subject students explore the range of digital health interventions currently being implemented or developed on a global basis to improve the quality and efficiency of health care systems. Students examine the foundational tenets for the introduction of digital health technologies and gain and understanding of where consensus on benefits and risk currently lies. The differences between data and knowledge is examined in the context of understanding how digital health technologies can assist in the advancement of patient safety and service improvement. Practical examples of digital health technology introduction around the world in a range of contexts are explored to understand the complex socio-technical requirements that support successful implementation. Students also explore the potential and emerging understanding of the risks associated with the use of digital health technology and the importance of data strategy to optimise intended outcomes.

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