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Undergraduate course information

UTS: Information Technology offers undergraduate degrees in information technology, including combined degrees with business, creative intelligence and innovation, international studies, and law.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology students must complete eight foundation core subjects and an IT major (CBK90781).

IT majors are offered in five areas:

The following areas are offered as sub-majors:

  • Business Information Systems Management (SMJ02064)
  • Computer Graphics and Animation (SMJ02066)
  • Data Analytics (SMJ02065)
  • Enterprise Systems Development (SMJ03036)
  • Interaction Design (SMJ02067)
  • Networking and Cybersecurity (SMJ03037)
  • plus sub-majors from other faculties.

Practice-based education

UTS: Information Technology is a leader in practice-based education and has offered a year of industrial experience, the Diploma in Information Technology Professional Practice (C20056), as part of its undergraduate courses for many years. The industry experience provides a better understanding of the relationship between theory and practice, and increases students' employability by providing work experience before graduation.

Staff in the faculty's Engagement Team maintain contact with industry to assist over 700 FEIT students to obtain internships annually. The team can advise students on the details of obtaining and documenting an internship via CareerHub, the UTS system for online internship management. Students seeking internships must register in CareerHub before their intended period of work. It is the student's responsibility to advise the Engagement Team via CareerHub of the start and finish dates of the internship and to enrol in the appropriate subjects.

Undergraduate progression rules

Undergraduate students who do not maintain the required minimum level of progress may be excluded from a course and have their enrolment withdrawn. The minimum rate of progress is achievement of 50 per cent of the credit points in which a student has been enrolled since the beginning of that course. In addition, students are bound by the UTS Rules and are advised to refer to them.

Levels of award

Levels of award for degrees offered by the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology are determined on the basis of the weighted average mark (WAM). The WAM is the average of all marks achieved in the course, weighted according to the credit-point value of each subject. The WAM is calculated by:

  1. multiplying the mark attained in a subject by the subject's credit-point value
  2. repeating step 1 for each subject attempted in the course (including any fails), then adding these figures together, and
  3. dividing the total calculated in step 2 by the number of credit points attempted in the course.

All graded subjects, including any credited from a different UTS course, are included. Ungraded pass/fail subjects and subjects credited from other institutions are not included in the calculation.

In the case of combined degrees where the IT component is less than 144 credit points, the grading of the IT component normally includes all IT subjects, plus core subjects from the non-IT degree, to a total not less than 144 credit points. Students in combined degrees who wish to confirm which subjects are counted towards the grading of their degree should check with the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.

The levels of award for bachelor's degrees in Information Technology are:

  • Distinction: WAM greater than or equal to 75
  • Credit: WAM greater than or equal to 65 and less than 75
  • Pass: WAM less than 65.

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Information Technology

The grading of the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Information Technology is as follows.

Students who have completed the required subjects and credit points (48 credit points) determined for the award qualify for Third Class Honours.

Qualification above Third Class Honours is based on the following:

  • First Class Honours: WAM greater than or equal to 80
  • Second Class Honours, Division 1: WAM greater than or equal to 75 and less than 80
  • Second Class Honours, Division 2: WAM greater than or equal to 65 and less than 75.

University Medal

To recognise outstanding academic achievement, the University Medal is awarded to the top student(s) in each graduating cohort, subject to the approval of the associate dean (teaching and learning). To be eligible for consideration, students must have achieved a WAM greater than or equal to 85.