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MAJ03445 Internetworking and Applications

This major provides the necessary knowledge and skills in network design and application development, and is concerned with technology services.

Students learn the hows and whys of internet design – its architecture, protocols and components – as well as the enabling software tools and programming methods to achieve a well-designed secure network.

Businesses and users now require services on demand, network information security, user/service mobility and quality of service. This major addresses these issues along with network and protocol design principles through two major thrusts: designing future networks, and developing practical applications and services.

Completion requirements

31261  Internetworking Project  6cp
31277  Routing and Internetworks  6cp
31275  Mobile Networking  6cp
31284  Web Services Development  6cp
31246  Network Design  6cp
41900  Security Fundamentals  6cp
Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
31242  Advanced Internet Programming 6cp 
41889  Application Development in the iOS Environment 6cp 
48024  Applications Programming 6cp 
41890  Applying Network Security 6cp 
41891  Cloud Computing Infrastructure 6cp 
48730  Cyber Security 6cp 
48436  Digital Forensics 6cp 
48033  Internet of Things 6cp 
31285  Mobile Applications Development 6cp 
31091  Mobile Computing Project 6cp 
31274  Network Management 6cp 
31338  Network Servers 6cp 
31748  Programming on the Internet 6cp 
31283  WANs and Virtual LANs 6cp 
31254  e-Commerce 6cp 
Total  48cp