University of Technology Sydney

96095 Clinical Placement 4

6cp; 5 x 35hrs (clinical placement)
Requisite(s): 96084 Sub-acute Rehabilitation AND 96085 Outpatient Rehabilitation AND 96088 Acute Physiotherapy Care
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This subject (CP4) serves to further consolidate theoretical and practical skills in an external clinical setting in Year 2 of the program. Additional experiences in advanced acute care (ICU and cardiothoracics) and specialist areas of practice (including, but not limited to, burns, hand therapy, spinal cord injury) are offered. This final placement is designed to synthesise student learning and knowledge acquired across the course; student learning should be extended into an area of specialist practice that might also include a rural/regional location or a specialist unit in a metro setting. The student should demonstrate a professional level of behaviour and skills in the clinical setting and the capacity to apply clinical reasoning to complex cases. On the completion of CP4, students are expected to practice at a level of competence as stated in all the Practice Thresholds (PPTAANZ, 2015).

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