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96088 Acute Physiotherapy Care

6cp; 6hpw (1 x 2hr masterclass; 1 x 4hr workshops)
Requisite(s): 96080 Clinical Assessment and Treatment Planning AND 96081 Professional Practice AND 96082 Core Practice for Physiotherapists AND 96083 Pain Neuroscience and Management
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The physiotherapy management of people with acute respiratory, cardiac, and surgical conditions by the multidisciplinary healthcare team is taught in this subject using inquiry-based and case-based learning. The subject provides students with the understanding of the needs and problems of the acute care patient, including cardiorespiratory, neurological and musculoskeletal systems across the lifespan. Research evidence for cardiopulmonary management across the spectrum of medical, surgical, and acute neurological patients is applied according to evidence-based guidelines and current best practice. Person-centred care is considered from the interprofessional perspective. The role of the physiotherapist in interprofessional teams, including leading teams is introduced and debated. Students are introduced to the interdisciplinary intensive care unit (ICU) setting and assessment and treatment skills for ICU. Strategies to manage their own physical and psychological health when working in acute care settings, conflict resolution, and team leadership are introduced in this subject.

Acute physiotherapy care is a specialised area of clinical practice in the Master of Physiotherapy (C04306). This subject consolidates learning from several previous subjects, including 96080 Clinical Assessment and Treatment Planning, 96081 Professional Practice, and 96082 Core Practice for Physiotherapists.

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