University of Technology Sydney

96085 Outpatient Rehabilitation

6cp; 6hpw (1 x 2hr Masterclass; 1 x 4hr workshops)
Requisite(s): 96080 Clinical Assessment and Treatment Planning AND 96081 Professional Practice AND 96082 Core Practice for Physiotherapists AND 96083 Pain Neuroscience and Management
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This subject introduces students to the assessment and management of musculoskeletal, and paediatric conditions commonly managed in an outpatient setting. Students learn to apply physiotherapy interventions that maximise function for people across the lifespan. Students take an inquiry-based approach to learning and critique research literature to take an evidence-based approach to physiotherapy management of these disorders. Functional rehabilitation is emphasised in musculoskeletal conditions using motor retraining and biofeedback as interventions. Manual therapy for spinal conditions is introduced. Paediatric neurology and rehabilitation are covered in this subject, including an introduction to normal development and developmental milestones.

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