University of Technology Sydney

96092 Research Project

6cp; 3hpw (1 x 1hr masterclass, 1 x 2hr workshop)
Requisite(s): 96084 Sub-acute Rehabilitation AND 96085 Outpatient Rehabilitation AND 96088 Acute Physiotherapy Care AND 96086 Research Design in Physiotherapy
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This subject provides an opportunity for students to conduct a supervised research project in an area related to physiotherapy. Under supervision, students participate in the collection of data and use current technology to perform statistical analysis to interpret the information gained. Students learn how to present the results of their analysis by independently writing a research paper and delivering a poster presentation. The research paper typically includes an abstract, introduction, a description of the methods used, a description of the results obtained plus any analysis undertaken, figures and tables of the results, and a discussion of the results in the context of the relevant literature using an appropriate reference style. The poster presentation and paper defence provide students with leadership and verbal skills required to educate other healthcare professionals, academics, and first-year physiotherapy students. The research paper provides students with an understanding of how to write a research paper for publication using scientific and academic language.

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