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96089 Prevention and Rehabilitation in the Community

6cp; 4hpw (1 x 2hr masterclass; 1 x 2hr workshop)
Requisite(s): 96084 Sub-acute Rehabilitation AND 96085 Outpatient Rehabilitation AND 96088 Acute Physiotherapy Care
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This subject covers prevention, wellness and management of people with chronic diseases across the lifespan in community settings. A particular focus is exercise therapy and self-management to maximise health and participation in daily life. Exercise and lifestyle management for disease prevention, psychological health and healthy ageing, including education, activity and falls prevention programs are a focus. Students critique evidence underpinning high and low-intensity exercise to chronic diseases. Aquatic physiotherapy for chronic disease management and rehabilitation are introduced. Exercise adherence and self-efficacy inform behavioural interventions of motivational interviewing, behaviour change, compliance and motivation. Community-based physiotherapy, management of vestibular disorders and cancer care, using telerehabilitation and other technologies, with the aim of increasing participation in society, are also discussed. Client-centred care, shared decision making, self-management and goal setting are expanded in this subject, while the role of the physiotherapist as an educator is further explored.

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