University of Technology Sydney

96087 Clinical Placement 1

6cp; 5 x 35hrs (clinical placement), 4hrs (prep-to placement), 2hrs (debrief)
Requisite(s): 96084 Sub-acute Rehabilitation AND 96085 Outpatient Rehabilitation AND 96088 Acute Physiotherapy Care
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This subject (CP1) is undertaken in a hospital, private practice or community setting and sits within one of the three following areas: acute care, rehabilitation or primary care. Students are required to demonstrate developing competence in specific clinical skills required for the placement as well as the generic skills and attributes of physiotherapy professionals e.g. professionalism and communication. CP1 is an opportunity for students to observe, understand and apply, within a clinical setting, the knowledge and skills gained in Year 1 and may include acute in-patients, musculoskeletal outpatients (including spinal therapy), in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation (including a range of client groups), orthopaedics and community settings.

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