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93233 Leading, Teaching and Mentoring

6cp; standard/intensive; 4 x 4hrs face to face tutorials, 4 x 1-hour online lecture per week
Requisite(s): ((92441 Contemporary Indigenous Health and Wellbeing OR 92456 Contemporary Indigenous Health and Wellbeing OR 93226 Indigenous Health and Well-Being) AND (93223 Nursing Care of the Older Person OR 92460 Nursing Care of the Older Person) AND (93227 Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing OR 92457 Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing)) AND ((93228c Foundations of Nursing Practice 3A AND 93200 Foundations of Nursing Practice 2A AND 93222 Clinical Practice 2A AND 93224 Foundations of Nursing Practice 2B AND 93225 Clinical Practice 2B) OR 92454 Medical Surgical Nursing )
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This subject is premised on the belief that effective leadership, mentoring and clinical teaching can transform practice and requires students to explore nursing leadership in contemporary practice. It examines theories relevant to adult learning, leadership, mentorship and clinical supervision. Students develop an understanding that nursing leadership at all levels is critical to the sustainability and development of the profession, beginning with themselves as they transition to new graduates. Using the Patient Safety Competency Framework (PSCF), the concepts of leadership and quality and safety of patient care are explored. The subject motivates students to engage with their profession in a responsible and honourable way, develop a sense of constructive agency and ultimately positively influence the work lives of others.

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