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93224 Foundations of Nursing Practice 2B

6cp; standard/intensive; 2hpw (online lecture) x 5 weeks, 1 x 4 hour tutorials for 5 weeks
Requisite(s): 93200 Foundations of Nursing Practice 2A AND 93225c Clinical Practice 2B
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This subject builds on the content covered in 93207 Foundations of Nursing Practice 2A and content is delivered across domains related to professional issues, prevention, and acute and chronic care for people across the lifespan. This subject provides the theoretical foundations to the management of the care of adults and children across a range of contexts. The cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and respiratory conditions that feature in the patient stories and scenarios selected for this subject are based on Australia's National Preventative Health Strategy (2021-2030) and the impact of these conditions on individuals, family and community at preventative, acute, chronic and rehabilitation stages. These are aligned to the subject 93211 Clinical Practice 2B. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health; evidence-based practice; relevant legal and ethical principles are integral to this subject.

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