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93227 Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing

6cp; Intensive; 5 x 4hr workshops
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In this subject, students learn about mental health nursing care. As this is a foundational mental health clinical subject, students are introduced to various mental health issues and diagnoses. Students also learn about the mental status examination, which is a rudimentary mental health nursing skill. Students begin to develop knowledge, attitudes and skills required for mental health nursing, therapeutic communication and reflective practice. The content of this subject is updated regularly, and evidence based sources are used in the formation of tutorial content. Relevant to the Australian context, statistical information is primarily sought from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. The development of critical thinking and respect for evidence are of primary focus in this subject.

Content in this subject is broad. Students are introduced to foundational concepts in mental healthcare, as well as its history and philosophy. The mental health issues that are of focus are the major mental health issues that impact Australians: anxiety disorders, mood disorders, suicide and self-harm, and substance use disorders. This subject has a heavy focus on the mental status examination, and many opportunities for practise are provided.

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