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93231 Empathy and Compassion for Nursing Practice

6cp; standard/intensive; 4 hpw workshops for 3 weeks & 2 hpw workshops for 2 weeks
Requisite(s): (93223 Nursing Care of the Older Person OR 92460 Nursing Care of the Older Person) AND (93227 Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing OR 92457 Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing) AND (93226 Indigenous Health and Well-Being OR 92456 Contemporary Indigenous Health and Wellbeing)) AND ( 92454 Medical Surgical Nursing OR (93200 Foundations of Nursing Practice 2A AND 93222 Clinical Practice 2A AND 93224 Foundations of Nursing Practice 2B AND 93225 Clinical Practice 2B)
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Empathy is a required attribute for all healthcare professionals; it is fundamental to therapeutic communication and integral to safe and effective nursing care. In this subject, students build on the empathy skills and understandings developed throughout their previous BN studies. This subject incorporates immersive and experiential learning approaches informed by health care consumers’ lived experiences of diverse health issues and health care. Students develop the advanced therapeutic communication skills needed for empathic and compassionate nursing practice and have opportunities via live simulation to therapeutically engage with consumers who are experts by lived experiences.

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