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92447 Navigating Transition

6cp; 1hpw (lecture), 4hpw (laboratory/online class), 160 - 200hrs clinical hours
Requisite(s): (92473 Introduction to Specialty Practice: Critical Care Nursing AND 92574 Introduction to Public Health AND 92475 Introduction to Specialty Practice: Global Health AND 92476 Introduction to Specialty Practice: Mental Health Nursing AND 92477 Introduction to Specialty Practice: Paediatric Nursing AND 92478 Introduction to Specialty Practice: Palliative Care AND 92479 Introduction to Specialty Practice: Perioperative Nursing AND 92480 Introduction to Specialty Practice: Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health AND 92481 Introduction to Speciality Practice: Drug and Alcohol Nursing AND 92482 Introduction to Specialty Practice: Women's Health AND 92442 Complex Nursing Care: Medical Surgical AND 93470 Introduction to Speciality Practice: Chronic Care Nursing AND (92436 Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing OR 92451 Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing (Graduate Entry) OR 92457 Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing) AND 92430 Assessment and Therapeutics in Health Care 1 AND 92433 Assessment and Therapeutics in Health Care 2 AND (92437 Nursing Care of the Older Person OR 92464 Nursing Care of the Older Person OR 92460 Nursing Care of the Older Person) AND (92438 Medical Surgical Nursing OR 92454 Medical Surgical Nursing OR 92450 Medical Surgical Nursing (Graduate Entry)) AND 92470 Introduction to Specialty Practice: Aboriginal Community Engagement AND 92471 Introduction to Specialty Practice: Care of the Older Person)
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Students explore the challenges and opportunities associated with transitioning to the role of registered nurse through innovative teaching and learning strategies. In addition, there is also an emphasis on developing resilience and self-care and a plan for ongoing professional development.

Laboratories and clinical experiences are aimed at integrating and consolidating learning from previous clinical subjects to ensure all graduates deliver optimal evidence-based care across a variety of health settings. Whilst on this final clinical placement, students further develop their clinical reasoning and critical thinking skills by competently caring for an allocated patient load overseen by a registered nurse.

In this subject, students are required to demonstrate competence to practice according to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) Registered Nurse Standards for Practice (2016) and the Faculty of Health graduate attributes.

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Spring session, City campus

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