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92430 Assessment and Therapeutics in Health Care 1

6cp; 3 x 8hpw (laboratory, on campus)
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Students are introduced to nursing as a therapeutic process and skilled activity that aims to promote and maintain health through collaborative partnerships with patients at a primary care level. Health is viewed as a dynamic phenomenon which varies as the individual transitions through a cyclical continuum of health and wellness, disease and illness. Determinants of health encompass a range of factors including lifestyle, disability and chronic health conditions.

Students develop understanding of the nurse's role within an interprofessional team, undertaking comprehensive patient health assessments, promoting and maintaining health by encouraging and reinforcing positive health practices and preventing health breakdown through early detection and intervention. Students learn how the nurse supports patients to be active participants in managing their health, facilitating health literacy through the provision of health information and education. The nurse provides person-centred care that empowers patients to achieve their optimum health outcomes by facilitating improvement and adaptation within the context of their individual sociocultural environment, needs, abilities and resources. Students practice within the framework of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) national competency standards for registered nurses and the Patient Safety Competency Framework (PSCF).

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Autumn session, City campus

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