University of Technology Sydney

86400 Design Studio: Realisation

24cp; 16hpw (2 x 4hrs studio sessions: Tuesday and Friday from 2–6pm; 2 x 4hrs self-directed production workshops: Tuesday and Friday on campus from 9am–1pm)
Requisite(s): 86321 Investigations: Research and Conceptualisation AND 86322 Directions: Context and Analysing


In response to a design brief supported by the research accumulated and examined in the first session, students explore, develop and realise an innovative, holistic and professional design solution to a complex design problem within the diverse field of interior and spatial design. This subject requires students to produce across the session a design outcome detailed at least at three levels:

  • Multimedia environment: Each student produces an atmospheric environment that communicates the research, practical and design work undertaken over two sessions.
  • General design statement: Every student produces a combination of texts, drawings and images that accurately specifies their design statement.
  • Spatial articulation documents: Every student produces a set of drawings and models that articulate a clear explanation of the spatial arrangement proposed for their design project.

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