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86322 Directions: Context and Analysing

12cp; 1hpw (lecture), 6hpw (studio): Mondays
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Core subject: Studio


This year, the Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Interior Architecture (C09055) explores atmospheric lighting design and dedicates itself to improving the understanding and appreciation of atmospheres through the design of visual elements; space, material and light. Intersecting theory and practice, the degree is framed through the relationship between light and darkness and their inextricable dialogue in creating atmospheres.

This directions studio operates in tandem with 86321 Investigations: Research and Conceptualisation, allowing students to test and interrogate their ideas through a series of collaborative research projects. Across the session, in both studios, students work on a variety of short practical exercises exploring lighting techniques and effects suitable for different applications. Students design and fabricate a light fitting for public display. The main project analyses a series of existing public spaces in Sydney and then designs and builds a large scale atmospheric lighting installation, to be open to the public.

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