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86321 Investigations: Research and Conceptualisation

12cp; 7hpw (Fridays: 1hr lecture, 6hr tutorial)
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Recommended studies:

An undergraduate degree in interior and spatial or architectural design studies and active participation in Orientation Week activities are recommended.

Core subject: Studio


This year, the Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Interior Architecture (C09055) explores atmospheric lighting design and dedicates itself to improving the understanding and appreciation of atmospheres through the design of visual elements; space, material and light. Intersecting theory and practice, the degree is framed through the relationship between light and darkness and their inextricable dialogue in creating atmospheres.

People's conscious and subconscious mind can be manipulated and conditioned by what they see. Seeing is the response of the human perceptual system to light's interaction with surfaces and spaces. Therefore, at its very basis, the lighting designer has the tools and the opportunity to recondition the mind, by determining how light interacts with the surrounds and influences the state of the perceptual system.

This studio operates in tandem with the design studio 86322 Directions: Context and Analysing, allowing students to test and interrogate their ideas through a series of research projects. This is a research-based design studio subject that targets students' self-awareness of concepts and methodologies relevant to the atmospheric lighting of contemporary spaces. The studio focuses on developing skills to include: research methods, precedent and typological analysis, production of culturally engaged spatial statements to inform students' thematic programming of space (design statement) leading to a scholarly dissertation.

The subject encourages students to undertake creative investigation of the way emerging materials and systems, form-making and lighting can question the standard approaches to design outcomes.

This studio combines a study of the change of light in nature with an exploration of lighting and its time-dependent dynamics and control. The studio activity is built on the observation and analysis of the interdependencies between lighting patterns and behavioural patterns in the way people occupy and utilise the built environment.

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