University of Technology Sydney

84711 User-centred Design

12cp; 1 x 1 hour lecture, 2 x 2 hour studios and 1 x 2 hour computer lab per week.
Requisite(s): 84610 Inside Design AND 84111 Understanding Three-dimensional Form AND 84116 Product Design Communication A AND 84611 Integrated Product Design AND 84117 Product Design Communication B AND 84118 Informing Product Design


User-centred design involves the selective application of research and design methods focused on understanding the needs and limitations of the end-user in the development of new products, interfaces and systems solutions. The development of designs of optimum useability and performance involves the analysis of users, their environment and circumstance through the methodological application of interventions, testing methods and experimentation supported by literature and empirical research.

The subject aims to support students in creative exploration, analysis and reflection of the problem space and solution concepts through design thinking reliant on the use of prototyping skills in the pursuit of innovative solutions that meet both ergonomic (the application of scientific information about human capabilities and limitations) and commercial goals.

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