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84610 Inside Design

6cp; 3hpw (2hr practice-oriented weekly studio, 2hr theory-oriented bi-weekly workshop) Forms of attendance and mode of delivery in this subject may vary to enable social distancing and reduce the risks of spreading COVID19 in our community. Students are notified of any changes in advance via Canvas announcements
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Designed products play an important role in everyday activities. Products facilitate particular ways of doing things and make these activities pleasurable. In this way, they encourage us users to incorporate particular habits and practices into our lives. Products shape our identity, our possibilities, and our preferences. Product design both serves and shapes everyday patterns of life that have consequences for our ongoing sense of fulfilment, our health, and our impact on wider societal and environmental systems. Designers need to develop not only expertise in their craft, but also an insight into the ways that designed products shape human experience and impact more-than-human ecosystems.

This subject introduces students to current directions in product design practice, and into contemporary ways of thinking about the roles that products play in human lives and wider ecologies. An understanding of the impact of products in contemporary worlds is developed by reference to social theory, philosophy of technology and material semiotics.

The subject’s material is introduced through a series of bi-weekly, theory-oriented lecture/workshop sessions. The crafts of creating and making are introduced through a six-week Product Design studio. Skills necessary for the design of service systems and user experience pathways are introduced in a six-week Product-Service Systems studio. Together, the lecture/workshops and studios provide a broad introduction to the activities and understandings that underpin the practice of product design.

The subject’s key content is provided in full both in class and via Canvas modules. It is the students’ responsibility to prepare before class, complete all activities and tasks, and stay informed through the semester. A complete program is provided both in the subject outline and in Canvas.

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