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82710 Animation Studio: Advanced Animation Practice

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This studio operates in tandem with 82711 Animation Studio: Animation Project Pre-production to advance students' understanding of industry production practices. Study focuses on the development of the professional and specialist skills necessary to thrive in the animation industry.

The subject covers the following areas, specifically in relation to animation production: script writing, storyboarding, concept art and production design, character design, and animation. Students are encouraged to identify and work towards specific animation career paths by focusing on their specialist area developing their skill to the very high level required for team developed animation projects.

Production pipelines are constructed from sets of shared assets, e.g. storyboard works from script, animation works from storyboard, character design works from script, etc. Students are provided with assets relevant to their chosen area of specialisation, replicating the production pipeline. This approach allows students to spend more time developing their professional skills by avoiding the pitfalls of taking on too many production tasks.

Students develop their understanding of working within an animation production pipeline and are exposed to how the animation industry works, and how to position themselves in relation to it.

Study enhances students' awareness of the many disparate but interconnected roles in the industry and feeds into the production values and management of the honours project undertaken in Spring session.

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