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82711 Animation Studio: Animation Project Pre-production

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In this subject students develop concepts for their major project in Spring session. The emphasis here is on research, ideas generation and story development.

Students work with leading animation professionals and academic supervisors to negotiate the feasibility and length of their proposed project and production schedule. Attention must be paid to the following guidelines in terms of film duration: solo projects can be between one and two minutes in length; duo projects can be between two and three minutes in length; and trio projects can be between three and five minutes in length.

In the first session, students are expected to take their project through research and appropriate pre-production processes (such as script development, pre-visualisation of key animation concepts, and storyboard stages and/or visual scripts). They should also be negotiating the formation of their production team, paying particular attention to the capabilities of their chosen partners and the needs and demands of the proposed major project.

Students are expected to provide content and context for their proposals by identifying key source materials and collaborators beyond their own experiences and discipline. The adaptation and development of existing narrative, visual, musical and textual material, and active creative collaborations, are integral components of high-level animation content. Students are expected to explore fictional and non-fictional, historical, documentary and poetic sources for their major project proposals.

Equally important in this subject is the building of a multidisciplinary collaboration process with co-creators beyond the course such as composers, writers, sound designers and illustrators.

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