University of Technology Sydney

81546 Innovation in Complex Systems

6cp; block mode - 2 days per week for 3 weeks; availability: all enrolled UTS undergraduate students
Anti-requisite(s): 95002 TD: Reframing, remixing, reimagining society AND 95003 TD: Sustainability in an interconnected world AND 95004 TD: Technologies reimagined in a complex world AND 95005 TD: Shaping technologies that shape us AND 95006 TD: Envisioning futures worth wanting AND 95007 TD: Pathways to societal transitions AND 95008 TD: Shaping better futures AND 95009 TD: Change-making for social impact


In this subject, participants engage in a creative series of practical activities that bring them to a broad understanding of creative intelligence and innovation as a field of practice. Through exploring what appear to be impossibilities, they begin to investigate and reframe uncertain and complex challenges, and experiment with emerging opportunities.

Participants are challenged to analyse problem situations from multiple perspectives and to integrate these findings in ways that lead to new possibilities. The nature of this subject embraces today's open, complex, dynamic and networked problems. Through first-hand experience, students are inspired to experiment and hone their skills through multidisciplinary collaboration, visualisation, representation and presentation.

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