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42911 The Challenge Studio

24cp; 35hpw (studio), on campus, block
Requisite(s): 42910 The Collaboration Studio
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In Studio 3, students work together to complete the 3D animation project developed in Studio 1 (42909 The Connected Studio) to the highest professional standards.

In addition to this, they develop an emerging visualisation technology project from Studio 2 (42910 The Collaboration Studio) selected by an industry panel as a high-fidelity prototype.

The cohort responds to both assigned tasks in a simulated working environment, taking advantage of individual collaborators’ strengths in a group context to produce professional-quality outcomes. The team apply rigorous creative and technical problem-solving and implementation strategies and actions to complete innovative and technical responses to the posed challenges, stretching their craft and technical practices beyond what can be achieved individually.

At various stages, the cohort critically examine and evaluate their evolving solutions, drawing on feedback from all relevant stakeholders, and respond appropriately to ensure that what is delivered is effective, innovative and has the highest possible production values.

In addition, students reflect on both individual and group progress, as well as predicting future opportunities and ethical approaches when conducting research and working for and with Indigenous stakeholders.

Typical availability

September session, City campus

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