University of Technology Sydney

42056 Serious Games Research

6cp; 3hpw, standard, face-to-face
Requisite(s): 32003 Computer Game Design
Anti-requisite(s): 31248 Serious Games and Gamification Studio


This studio subject focuses on the practical aspects of designing and investigating the impact of serious games and gamified experiences. Serious games are interactive playful systems designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment (for example education, training, fitness, rehabilitation, among others).

This subject exposes students to state-of-the-art frameworks and techniques for designing bespoke games for specific audiences and purposes. Students learn to work closely with the end-user to propose game-like solutions to a real-life problem. This involves co-design workshops, development of prototypes, playtesting sessions, and evaluation to ensure successful outcomes. Students also learn about ethical and design considerations that must be taken into account when designing serious games.

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