University of Technology Sydney

41066 Mechanical Systems Design Studio 1

6cp; 3hpw, on campus, weekly
Requisite(s): (41060 Mechanical Design Fundamentals Studio 2 OR 41059 Mechanical Design Fundamentals Studio 1 OR 48600 Mechanical Design 1) AND (43014c Applied Mechanics and Design B OR 43015c Thermofluids B OR 43016c Materials and Manufacturing B OR 43017c Machines and Mechanisms B OR 43018c Dynamic Systems and Control B OR 41301c Industrial Engineering OR 41302c Additive Manufacturing 1)
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The focus of this studio is to develop skills in critique in the interpretation of designs and application of decision-making processes in the context of modern engineering design. Understanding the fit, form and function of key design elements is critical to interpretation of reasoning and decision making in engineering design. It also extends to the use of design analysis undertake to improve on existing designs through iteration. To achieve this students apply processes in reverse engineering to break a design down into its constituent parts to discover the concepts utilised in its design and manufacture. Students are expected to use engineering principles to analyse the system and provide engineering critique on the suitability of the design. Using the knowledge developed from this process a second-generation design is produced, with suitable reasoning and justification as to how this design improves on previous versions.

Typical availability

Spring sesion, City campus

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