University of Technology Sydney

41059 Mechanical Design Fundamentals Studio 1

6cp; 3hpw, on campus, weekly
Requisite(s): (48610 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering AND (41099 Introduction to Mechatronics Engineering OR 48510 Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering) AND (41053 Materials and Manufacturing Engineering A OR 41054 Applied Mechanics and Design A OR 48621 Manufacturing Engineering OR 48620 Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering))
Anti-requisite(s): 48600 Mechanical Design 1



This is the first studio subject for Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering students, in which the purpose is to apply theoretical knowledge from previous subjects to a real-world engineering challenge.

The development of design solutions to well-defined problems is a key to success in the engineering world. This subject is the first in a pair of studios that are focused on developing fundamental skills in engineering design. It builds on concepts introduced in earlier subjects and applies these to a major design-and-build project. Principally, students work on a well-defined design problem to develop skills and experience in the mechanical and/or mechatronic engineering design process and the application of good design practices to the design and build of a mechanical device. Students apply good mechanical design practice to design and build a mechanical device and to implement mechatronics principles to develop a mechatronic system to control a mechanical device. Success in this subject is strongly linked to the ability to collaborate as a team and to communicate and document design ideas, decisions, justifications, calculations, and outcomes. Accordingly, students develop essential skills in the engineering design process, project management, understanding the importance of engineering documentation, and technical skills while demonstrating creativity, teamwork.

Typical availability

Autumn and Spring sessions, City campus

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