University of Technology Sydney

41060 Mechanical Design Fundamentals Studio 2

6cp; 3hpw, on campus, weekly
Requisite(s): (48610 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering AND (41057 Thermofluids A OR 48641 Fluid Mechanics))



Thermo-fluidic systems are a principal mechanism of heat and power transfer in engineering. Use cases range from the design of heating and cooling systems for buildings, through to the use of computational fluid dynamics to design complex structures for aerodynamic performance. The intent of this studio is to widen the application of design methods from those developed in Dublin studio one and, supported by technical subjects, introduce systems thinking approach and manage complexity around mixed fluid and mechanical systems design. Students have the opportunity to tackle a well-defined technical problem and apply systems thinking and methodologies to develop a unique solution with consideration for a range of environmental and socio-economic impacts.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus

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Access conditions

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