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17551 Property Market and Risk Analysis

6cp; block: 8hpd (block one and two each delivered over two days; block 3 delivered in one day)
Requisite(s): 12535 Property Investment and Development Feasibility AND ( 15142 Property Development Process OR 15142 Property Development Process )
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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This capstone subject aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of and related skills to determine and assess critical factors involved in achieving successful outcomes for property development projects. In this subject students are expected to synthesise their understanding gained from the previous subjects within the program.

Building on a student's prior course learning in feasibility studies, planning and property development processes, this subject involves analysis of the underpinning economic factors and other dynamics when analysing specific property markets.

Using demographic, statistical and other published data, students are taught a range of skills including the application of demand and supply analysis to forecast likely demand for a project and potential price points. Property development risk analysis techniques are used to identify critical development inputs, management issues and economic variables that may create significant risks in specific projects. Risk measurement techniques including sensitivity, scenario analysis and Monte Carlo simulation, using a range of software applications such as Estate Master DF, Crystal Ball or @Risk software are applied to identify, measure and manage specific project risks.

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Autumn session, City campus

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