University of Technology Sydney

11277 Architectural Studio 5

12cp; 8hpw (1 x 2hpw lecture; 1 x 2hpw studio; 1 x 4hpw studio), on campus
Requisite(s): (11273 Architectural Studio 1 AND 11274 Architectural Studio 2 AND 11275 Architectural Studio 3 AND 11276 Architectural Studio 4) OR (11211 Architectural Design: Forming AND 11227 Architectural Design: Performance AND 11209 Architectural Design: Making AND 11221 Architectural Design: Strategy)
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses. See access conditions.


This design studio provides a platform for the creative synthesis of site planning and detailed construction methodologies in the design of a public building. Through a series of design exercises at different scales, students will develop an understanding of the complex relationships inherent in a large project and strategies for resolving these relationships through rigorous, iterative design processes.

This subject introduces students to principles of site design and advanced architectural construction detailing anchored within a conceptual and scientific framework of environmentally and socially sustainable design. This understanding will be demonstrated through the design of architectural form, landscape elements and the selection and integration of building materials and construction systems. Through lectures and their own research, students develop an understanding of the principles of material life-cycles, embodied energy, water sensitive design and modular construction systems which they incorporate into their design proposals.

As the penultimate design studio in the Undergraduate program, this subject aims to substantiate a foundation of conceptual framing and technical knowledge that form the basis for future studio and professional work.

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