University of Technology Sydney

11275 Architectural Studio 3

12cp; 6hpw, tutorial, 2hpw, lecture
Requisite(s): (11274 Architectural Studio 2 AND 11273 Architectural Studio 1) OR (11211 Architectural Design: Forming AND 11209 Architectural Design: Making)
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses. See access conditions.


The architectural design studio provides the creative framework for students to explore how a diverse set of performative criteria informs a design inquiry. Through the project brief, students learn to balance conceptual, programmatic and organisational strategies with site and contextual influences along with the technical and material parameters of an architectural project.

The subject explores the development and testing of architectural strategies within the design process from brief to building (design). Students develop approaches to the extraction and application of disciplinary knowledge from precedent as well the ability to make design decisions in the service of a guiding project concept.

Students advance their ability to visually and verbally communicate and position their projects.

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Access conditions

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