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012235 Professional Experience 5: Teaching Students with Special Educational Needs

6cp; availability: not offered to exchange and study abroad students
Requisite(s): (012231 Professional Experience 1: Beginning Teaching OR 023151 Professional Experience 1: Beginning Teaching Issues in the Primary School OR 028230 Professional Experience 1: Preparation for Teaching) AND (012232 Professional Experience 2: Developing Classroom Management OR 023152 Professional Experience 2: Developing Classroom Management OR 028231 Professional Experience 2: Introduction to Classroom Management) AND (012233 Professional Experience 3: Integrating Learning Technologies OR 023153 Professional Experience 3: Assessment and Evaluating in Education) AND (012234 Professional Experience 4: Integrating Diverse Contexts in Education OR 023154 Professional Experience 4: Designing Educational Programs)



This subject examines strategies for teaching students with special education needs within the regular classroom. It explores methods of assessment, programming, explicit teaching and classroom organisation to meet the needs of primary students who are experiencing difficulty, particularly in literacy and numeracy. Students with special educational needs can include students from the entire spectrum of skill and development levels, including gifted and talented students.

The subject examines literature in which approaches to educational programming for students with special needs have been evaluated. As such, the subject forms linkages and extends concepts visited by other curriculum subjects in this degree. Students have an opportunity to discuss how changes in the design and delivery of special education impacts on their teaching in mainstream classrooms. It provides the basis for reflective practice in this important area of rapidly changing professional practice. The practical component of this subject allows students to apply the concepts and skills developed in the subject, and reflect on their application in a regular primary classroom and refine their teaching practices accordingly. This subject requires 11 days in a school setting.

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