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012234 Professional Experience 4: Integrating Diverse Contexts in Education

6cp; availability: not offered to exchange and study abroad students
Requisite(s): (012231 Professional Experience 1: Beginning Teaching OR 023151 Professional Experience 1: Beginning Teaching Issues in the Primary School OR 028230 Professional Experience 1: Preparation for Teaching) AND (012232 Professional Experience 2: Developing Classroom Management OR 023152 Professional Experience 2: Developing Classroom Management OR 028231 Professional Experience 2: Introduction to Classroom Management) AND (012233 Professional Experience 3: Integrating Learning Technologies OR 023153 Professional Experience 3: Assessment and Evaluating in Education)



The main aim of this subject is to give students experience, pedagogical skills and background in teaching and learning in a range of diverse educational environments both inside and outside the school classroom. The subject extends students' knowledge and skills base, enabling them to make increasingly informed decisions concerning teaching practices that place the primary student at the centre of learning. Students develop skills in providing optimal learning environments and optimal approaches to learning for primary students in school, at home and in informal learning settings.

The subject addresses the theoretical underpinnings and professional skills of promoting learner interaction, self-initiated thinking and inquiry. It looks at the different approaches, considerations and pedagogies that are needed when students are learning outside the classroom environment. It investigates appropriate learning interactions with a range of adults, such as parents/caregivers, expert visitors to the school and informal educators, in order to provide primary students with the best possible opportunities for learning with their school class and for personal lifelong learning.

This subject requires five days in an informal learning setting.

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