University of Technology Sydney

Postgraduate courses

Research degrees

C03053Master of Pharmacy (Research)
C03054Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Research)
C03056Master of Orthoptics (Research)
C03057Master of Clinical Psychology (Research)
C03059Master of Physiotherapy (Research)
C03061Master of Genetic Counselling (Research)
C03062Master of Speech and Language Sciences (Research)

Coursework degrees

C04252Master of Pharmacy
C04299Master of Orthoptics
C04300Master of Clinical Psychology
C04301Master of Good Manufacturing Practice
C04306Master of Physiotherapy
C04374Master of Genetic Counselling
C04386Master of Speech Pathology
C04395Master of Pharmacy (International)
C06100Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences
C06115Graduate Diploma in Good Manufacturing Practice
C06118Graduate Diploma in Applied Human Studies
C06127Graduate Diploma in Genetic Counselling
C06130Graduate Diploma in Speech and Language Sciences
C07141Graduate Diploma in Vision Science
C11230Graduate Certificate in Pharmaceutical Sciences
C11249Graduate Certificate in Good Manufacturing Practice
C11260Graduate Certificate in Applied Human Studies
C11277Graduate Certificate in Genetic Counselling
C11283Graduate Certificate in Speech and Language Sciences
C11292Graduate Certificate in Vision Science
C11375Graduate Certificate in Genetic Counselling Skills

Online Coursework degrees

C06148Graduate Diploma in Psychology
C06149Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced)
C11352Graduate Certificate in Psychology