University of Technology Sydney

STM91635 Core subjects

23714  Rationality and Incentives  3cp
23715  Game Theory and Strategic Decision Making  3cp
23719  Economics Foundations  6cp
23710  Behavioural Decision Making  3cp
23711  Behavioural Game Theory  3cp
23793  Mechanism Design  3cp
23712  Behavioural Approach to Investment and Insurance Decisions  3cp
23718  Statistical Foundations for Economics and Business  3cp
23794  Choice Architecture  3cp
23716  Principles of Causal Inference  3cp
23717  Trial Design  3cp
23792  Behavioural Economics and Ethics  3cp
23790  Behavioural Health Economics  3cp
23791  Behavioural Economics of Environment  3cp
26811  Data, Algorithms and Meaning  3cp
23713  Behavioural Economics and Corporate Decision Making  3cp
23788  Behavioural Economics Research  6cp
36117  Data Visualisation  3cp
Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
23731  Industry Project in Behavioural Economics 12cp 
23730  Research Project in Behavioural Economics 12cp 
Total  72cp