University of Technology Sydney

STM91288 Core subjects (Speech Pathology)

96115  Evidence-based Practice in Speech Pathology  6cp
96116  Fundamentals in Speech Pathology  6cp
96117  Speech Sound Disorders in Children  6cp
96118  Language Disorders in Children  6cp
96119  Research Design in Speech Pathology  6cp
96120  Augmentative and Alternative Communication  6cp
96121  Stuttering  6cp
96122  Speech Pathology Clinical Practice 1  6cp
96123  Literature Review in Speech Pathology  6cp
96124  Swallowing Disorders  6cp
96125  Acquired Communication Disability in Adults  6cp
96126  Speech Pathology Clinical Practice 2  6cp
96128  Voice Disorders  6cp
96129  Integrated Practice in Speech Pathology  6cp
96130  Speech Pathology Clinical Practice 3  6cp
Select 6 credit points of options:  6cp
96127  Research Project in Speech Pathology 6cp 
96131  Social Media in Speech Pathology 6cp 
Total  96cp