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96079 Inclusive Practice in Speech Pathology

6cp; 2hpw (seminars)
Requisite(s): 96123 Literature Review in Speech Pathology AND 96121 Stuttering AND 96125 Acquired Communication Disability in Adults AND 96126 Speech Pathology Clinical Practice 2
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Students learn the theory, design, and implementation of inclusive practice in speech pathology specifically focusing on: (a) engagement with online communities of practice in speech pathology and with populations with communication disabilities; (b) working with and for multilingual populations and inclusive practices in the context of cultural and linguistic diversity; (c) working with and for Indigenous Australians and improving professional practices in speech pathology to meet the needs of Indigenous Australians with communication or swallowing disability and their families and communities; and (d) improving speech pathology professional practice at the systems and service levels for multilingual and Indigenous Australians into the future. Using case-based inquiry, they become familiar with a wide range of strategies to acknowledge and respect diversity, recognise and reduce inequity in access to speech pathology services, restore justice, and reduce the impacts of racism and colonization on populations with communication or swallowing disability and their families and communities, and increase inclusion for these populations who are often marginalized and disenfranchised. They recognise the unique needs and experiences of multilingual and Indigenous populations in Australia and apply principles of cultural safety and responsiveness in professional practice.

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