University of Technology Sydney

STM91274 Core subjects (Genetic Counselling)

96104  Communication and Counselling  6cp
96103  Medical Genetics and Genomics in Practice  6cp
96102  Research Methods in Genetic Counselling  6cp
96105  Clinical and Community Placement 1  6cp
96110  Genetic Counselling  6cp
96108  Research Project 1  6cp
96109  Research Issues in Genetic Counselling  6cp
96099  Genetic Counselling Clinical Placement 2  6cp
96107  Advanced Communication and Counselling  6cp
96106  Application of Genetics and Genomics  6cp
96114  Research Project 2  6cp
96100  Genetic Counselling Clinical Placement 3  6cp
96113  Advanced Genetic Counselling  6cp
96111  Genetics and Genomics in Society  6cp
96112  Advanced Professional Practice  6cp
96101  Genetic Counselling Clinical Placement 4  6cp
Total  96cp