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96111 Genetics and Genomics in Society

6cp; 1.5hpw ('live and online' workshop, teaching weeks 1-8 and 10-14); 3.25hrs x 1 day (block workshop, on campus, wk9)
Requisite(s): 96107 Advanced Communication and Counselling AND 96106 Application of Genetics and Genomics AND 96114 Research Project 2 AND 96100 Genetic Counselling Clinical Placement 3
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Media attention to genetics and genomics has increased substantially over the past few years, contributing to a broader conversation about the use of genetic and genomic information in healthcare. Students explore the ways in which the public conversation about genetic and genomic technology interacts with the work of genetic counsellors. Genomic testing and pharmacogenomics is being introduced across many specialty areas to target specific treatments based on an individual's genomic profile. Alongside this, there is increasing access to 'wellness genomics' with the introduction of 'direct to consumer' commercial testing, for example in the area of nutrigenomics and sports medicine. Genomics is also increasingly used in forensics and in understanding of deviant behaviours. Drawing on media articles and case studies, students develop knowledge and understanding of these issues and consider the benefits and challenges for individuals and families, health professionals, healthcare policy, practice, research and society within Australasia and globally. This subject also covers theories of health behaviour and considers the ways in which brief health interventions are used in genetic counselling.

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Spring session, City campus

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