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96110 Genetic Counselling

6cp; 2hpw (workshop, live and online, wks 1–8, 10–14); 1.5-8hrs x 5 days (block workshops, on campus, wk9)
Requisite(s): 96103 Medical Genetics and Genomics in Practice AND 96102 Research Methods in Genetic Counselling AND 96104 Communication and Counselling AND 96105 Clinical and Community Placement 1
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Genetic counsellors play a vital role in helping people to understand their family history, make informed decisions about genetic and genomic testing, understand the results and adjust to or manage the outcomes and implications. Using case studies, students practice many of the core skills genetic counsellors use every day including structuring a genetic counselling session, taking a family history, and working with families to explore the implications of inherited conditions. Genetic counselling theories that provide the foundations for practice are applied to the case studies students are working with. This subject is integrated with 96099 Genetic Counselling Clinical Placement 2, building knowledge and skills to be used during clinical placements.

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Spring session, City campus

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