University of Technology Sydney

STM91014 Core subjects (Good Manufacturing Practice)

96057  GMP for Manufacturing Operations  6cp
96134  Validation Principles and Practices  6cp
96059  International GMPs and Quality Assurance  6cp
96060  Good (Quality Control) Laboratory Practices  6cp
96061  Computer Systems Validation Principles and Practices  6cp
96062  Good Aseptic Practices and Sterile Products  6cp
96063  GxP and Quality Auditing Practices  6cp
96064  Risk Management for Pharmaceutical Operations  6cp
96065  Process Development for Therapeutics: A Perspective for Finished Dose Forms  6cp
96066  Clinical Trials Quality Assurance Management  6cp
96067  Supply Chain Management  6cp
96068  Industrial Research Project A  6cp
96069  Contamination Control  6cp
96135  Biotech Manufacturing  6cp
96072  Industrial Research Project B  6cp
96831  Medical Devices: Regulatory and Quality Systems Requirements  6cp
Total  96cp