University of Technology Sydney

STM90561 Core subjects (Graduate Entry)

92449  Health Assessment and Nursing Therapeutics  6cp
92461  Evidence for Nursing  6cp
92462  Health and Society  6cp
92463  Communication and Diversity  6cp
92464  Nursing Care of the Older Person  6cp
92465  Contemporary Indigenous Health and Wellbeing  6cp
92466  Family and Children's Nursing  6cp
92442  Complex Nursing Care: Medical Surgical  6cp
92443  Optimising Care in Chronic Conditions  6cp
92444  Professional Accountability  6cp
92445  Integrated Nursing Practice  6cp
92446  Complex Nursing Care: Mental Health  6cp
92447  Navigating Transition  6cp
92448  Leadership for Beginning Practice  6cp
92450  Medical Surgical Nursing (Graduate Entry)  6cp
92451  Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing (Graduate Entry)  6cp
91529  Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 1  6cp
91530  Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 2  6cp
Total  114cp